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    • Customer Management

      Voucher Management module simplifies the process of creating, tracking, and redeeming vouchers. This option allows you to create customizable vouchers with two options and expiration dates, helping to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

      Number of reports: 05
    • Staff Management

      Streamlines the process of managing staff schedules and operations. Easily manage staff schedules, assign staff to specific services, and track staff performance. Businesses can efficiently schedule staff for services, ensuring optimal utilization of staff resources.

      Number of reports: 12
    • Stock and Services

      Stock and Service Management feature provides businesses with a centralized platform for managing inventory and services. With this feature, businesses can track inventory levels, view product history, and receive alerts for low inventory.

      Number of reports: 21
    • Sales and Purchases

      With VAT-in and VAT-Out reports, module streamlines the purchasing process, helping procure supplies and inventory. Integration with other modules make it easy to manage sales and purchases, reducing administrative workload and increasing operational efficiency.

      Number of reports: 14
    • Reports

      Track all your expenses through proper categorization and grouping. This feature also facilitates the marking of recurring invoices with the corresponding month and year for easy reference and analysis. This will help you analize your profit accuratly.

      Number of reports: 08
    • Analytics

      Comprehensive Management Information System (MIS) reports, presented through interactive graphs and charts. Reports provide insights into business patterns, trends, staff performance, stock levels, and a 360-degree view of your SPA-Salon.

      Data dimensions : 24
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By providing tools for appointment scheduling, client management, point-of-sale transactions, and marketing automation, Mindbody has helped spas and other wellness businesses streamline their operations and improve their bottom line.

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    Our expertise in automation has helped companies streamline their manual processes, reducing the time required to complete tasks from days to minutes.

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    We boasts a highly skilled team of 34 dedicated developers specializing in the rapid development of neat user-friendly applications.

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    As a software development company, MDW is committed to staying at the forefront of technology and constantly evolving our expertise.