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    • Customers and Vehiles

      Our carwash application is designed to handle both customers and vehicles with ease. The easy interface allows staff to easily select desired wash options and payment methods. Our staff members are also trained to provide exceptional customer service and maintain the equipment to ensure that customers have a positive experience every time they use our carwash application.

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    • Staff Management

      The system allows us to track employee performance, and monitor equipment maintenance to ensure that the carwash is always operating at peak efficiency. Our staff management system also ensures that our team members are well-informed and up-to-date on the latest cleaning techniques and best practices, enabling them to deliver excellent results every time.

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    • Stock and Services

      Our carwash application also includes a comprehensive inventory management to ensure that we always have the necessary cleaning products and equipment on hand to provide the highest quality service to our customers. The system allows us to track our inventory levels in real-time, set reorder thresholds, and generate purchase orders when inventory levels run low.

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    • Sales and Purchases

      With VAT-in and VAT-Out reports, module streamlines the purchasing process, helping procure supplies and inventory. Integration with other modules make it easy to manage sales and purchases, reducing administrative workload and increasing operational efficiency.

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    • Expenses

      Track all your expenses through proper categorization and grouping. This feature also facilitates the marking of recurring invoices with the corresponding month and year for easy reference and analysis. This will help you analize your profit accuratly.

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    • Analytics

      Comprehensive Management Information System (MIS) reports, presented through interactive graphs and charts. Reports provide insights into business patterns, trends, staff performance, stock levels, and a 360-degree view of your Carwash Station.

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The Pesta carwash application is an excellent investment for any carwash business, as it can significantly improve the quality of your service and enhance the overall customer experience. The application's user-friendly interface simplifies the selection of wash options and payment methods for your customers, while the staff and inventory management systems help you to streamline your operations and maintain top-notch equipment.

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